PNR Mobile

Automatic PNR Tracking

Managing your PNR was never be so easy.Our server keep track of all your active PNR and notify upon any status changes.

Automatic read trip from sms

Automatic Read PNR from SMS

Read PNR from SMS and start tracking and managing till your journey is not completed.

Automatic read trip from sms

My live journey

Once your journey started you can see all the required information i.e. PNR status, source & destination arrival/departure time, expected platform, seat map, coach composition ,running train status etc. at a place.

Live train tracking

Conveniently track currently running train.No need to provide input again and again,just click one button and your tracker will be appear in the home screen.

No Internet !! That’s Fine

Track your train without Internet

The most brilliant feature the app is you can check train speed, current nearest station and accurate delay without Internet and only through GPS.

Get nearby station without Internet

Just one touch and find the all the station around you,obviously without Internet.

Automatic read trip from sms

Lock screen live train status

one of the best feature of the app.just click the power button of your mobile and you will know the delay status and current location of your train right away!!



Set station location and distance based alarm.This is GPS based feature so Internet is not required.



check train speed and share with your friends, just for fun.

We are Different

We follow Google’s latest Material design

Lightening fast server, especially designed to handle heavy traffic.

Years of research to give you best UI/UX experience

App required very low data transfer so save your Internet bill

Most Intelligent Indian Rail app ever. Minimum click and Intuitive Design

Especially designed app to ensure low battery consumption

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